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For over 20 years, our Office specialises in compensation claims for accidents that have occurred in Greece and abroad, e.g.:

  • Compensation claims for road traffic, maritime, air and rail transport accidents
  • Compensation claims for building collapse (earthquake)
  • Compensation claims for accidents at work, where injuries were caused in the workplace or work related accidents
  • Compensation claims for medical negligence
  • Compensation claims for defective products
  • Compensation claims for torts and offenses
  • Compensation claims for accidents during holidays and leisure-time, etc.

We have successfully handled compensation cases that have set a precedent and contributed to the creation of case law of Greek Courts.

Our specialist solicitors have dealt with cases including earthquakes, maritime, rail and road traffic accidents causing personal injuries resulting in disability, etc.

Given our experience and participation in international conferences, our Law Office sets new international standards for compensation law and represents Greece before the Observatory on Justice of the Courts of Milan, in Italy.

Our Office undertakes most compensation cases for accidents on a conditional fee agreement, i.e. the customer is asked to pay the legal fee only if he claims the compensation.

By closely cooperating with specialised scientists (experts, doctors, engineers, etc.) our Office provides its clients with high quality bespoke legal services.

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