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Any disputes arising amongst individuals, and concerning their transactions are governed by Civil – Private Law.
Our highly specialised lawyers are capable of successfully managing any disputes case amongst individuals, Greek and foreigners, by providing high quality consulting or litigation services.

More specifically, we provide bespoke legal services on compensation claims, drawing up of contracts, dispute settlements and on the protection of rights associated with compensation regulations, such as:

  • Claiming compensation for road, maritime, aviation and rail accidents
  • Claiming compensation for building collapse (due to earthquakes)
  • Claiming compensation for accidents occurred during or in association with employment
  • Claiming compensation for medical malpractice
  • Claiming compensation for defective products
  • Claiming compensation for torts
  • Claiming compensation for accidents on vacation, leisure time etc.

We also offer specialised services in the following areas of civil law:

  • Buying and selling real estate – Real Estate Law
  • Property law
  • Lease of movable and immovable property – Lease disputes
  • Contracts of employment and services – Labour disputes
  • Works contracts
  • Collateral arrangements (mortgage prenotation, pledge)
  • Contractual transmission of know-how
  • Licensing and exploitation contracts
  • Protection against breaches of contracts
  • Protection of creditors, financial claims and debt recovery
  • Other party’s obligation to comply
  • Establishment of societies
  • Tax law
  • Disputes under International and European law

Furthermore, our Office has extensive experience in handling Family Law and Inheritance Law cases, such as:

  • Divorces between Greek nationals, Greek nationals and foreigners, or between foreigners domiciled or residing in Greece
  • Alimony
  • Child custody, contact with children
  • Paternity dispute, paternity declaration
  • Legal process of name-giving
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Judicial interdiction
  • Probate
  • Appeal and claim of inheritance rights

We also cooperate with specialists (forensic document examiners, experts, doctors, engineers, etc.), in order to provide our clients with bespoke legal services in every field, either before courts or during out-of-court settlements.
When dictated by the nature of the assigned case we also provide high quality translation services, rendering legal documents from Italian, French, English and German to Greek and vice versa. The cost of these services and of the official certification of translated documents (when necessary) is determined according to the type of the document (e.g. medical, legal, etc.), its extent (number of pages) and its intended use (e.g. judicial use, use in foreign country, etc.).
Our law Office also undertakes the official validation of any document (public or private).