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    What to do in case of a traffic accident in Greece?

    What to do in case of a traffic accident in Greece?

    We hereby present ten (10) guidelines concerning the initial actions that must be taken in case of a traffic accident, noting however that contacting our office as soon as possible is of utmost importance.

    Immediately after the traffic accident:

    1. Write down the vehicle registration number of the person responsible for the traffic accident and call the Roadside Assistance provider mentioned in your insurance contract.
    2. Collect all personal and vehicle information from the responsible driver (name, surname and address, as well as the name of the owner of the responsible vehicle and the insurance company with which the vehicle is insured).
    3. Take pictures, even with your mobile phone, of the obvious material damages of your vehicle, the relative position of the vehicles after the traffic accident and the plate registration number of the responsible vehicle
    4. Call the Traffic Police immediately. You do not rely in any way on the affirmations of the responsible driver that he will compensate you fully. Call the Traffic Police, even if the guilty driver fled the scene of the incident, so as to record the traffic accident and the abandonment.
    5. While waiting for the Traffic Police to arrive, get the information of any witnesses. Their testimony may be used in the future by our Office and might prove critical.
    6. When Traffic Police arrive and where only material damages have occurred, they draw up a statement of material damages. Make sure that the relative positions of the vehicles and any violations by the responsible driver have been properly recorded.
    7. If the road traffic accident results in death or physical injury, make sure that all these are recorded. ATTENTION: You must report any type of injury, no matter how minor or trivial you might think it is. You have to remember that you may request compensation even for a “minor” injury. You should also remember that a seemingly minor injury may, in the following hours or days, prove to be more extensive…
    8. In case you are transferred by an ambulance or other means to hospital or to see a doctor, always ask to be provided with all relevant medical certificates and certificates of hospitalization.
    9. Declare the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. According to Law, the receiver of insurance or the insured is obligated to immediately contact his insurance company to report any accident without delay and not later than eight (8) working days following the notification of the accident.
    10. Direct communication with our Office can prove critical!

    If you have been involved in a traffic accident, our Office will give you detailed instructions on how to collect all the information necessary for claiming compensation funds, which you are entitled to receive under Greek law. Actually, when the traffic accident takes place in Greek territory, Greek law shall apply to the compensation and not the law of the victim’s nationality. The compensation funds that can be claimed vary from one country to another. In Greece for example, in case of injury, we can claim imputed expenses, in addition to the actual costs incurred due to injury. Except for the financial compensation claimed for pain or suffering, we can also claim special additional compensation for damages resulting from temporary disability or deformity caused to the injured party.

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