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    Criminal sanctions provided by Greek Road Traffic Code

    Criminal sanctions provided by Greek Road Traffic Code

    In recent years, all criminal offenses, provided by Greek Road Traffic Code, have been converted to petty offences and are punishable by detention up to six (6) months and a fine of up to  3,000.00 euros.

    The following offenses, however, are still punishable as misdemeanours:

    1. Occupation, by any means and for any reason, of all or part of the pavement of national, provincial and municipal roads. If the violation is intentional, then the perpetrator shall be punished for unlawful traffic obstruction. Note: this provision concerns mainly cases of trucks and agricultural vehicles (tractors) during protests.
    2. Leaving the scene of an accident and failure to aid victims, as well as failure by the person involved in any way in the accident to notify the nearest police authority, in cases where the traffic accident results in death or personal injury –unless leaving is necessary in order for the involved person or other injured persons to receive medical care, or to notify the police authorities. (Note: Hit-and-run).
    3. Alteration, removal or falsification of the vehicle identification number and, finally,
    4. Possession of a counterfeit or altered vehicle licence (punishable as forgery pursuant to the relevant provisions).
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