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    Buying Real Estate in Greece

    Buying Real Estate in Greece


    Due to our extensive experience our Office can help you effectively protect and safeguard your interests, in case you decide to buy real estate.

    1. Verifying the deeds: Before buying real estate the title deeds need to be thoroughly checked. The relevant research is conducted by our partners in the competent Land Registry and Land Office archives to ensure that the real estate to be bought is free and clear of any and all encumbrances, obligations, and other property rights. If there are any issues, legal defects, etc., our Office undertakes, upon request, to make the necessary steps to clear all encumbrances and remedy any existing defects.
    2. Careful calculation of purchase tax: Our Office, in close cooperation with experienced tax experts, provides you with tax advice on real estate and informs you about the purchase tax you will be called to pay after the conclusion of the contract signing procedure.
    3. Authorization: In some cases, the legality of certain spaces, such as semi-outdoor spaces and car parking spaces, needs to be checked. If their usage has not been legalized, it is required to trigger the appropriate licensing procedure in order to avoid any future complications. Our Office cooperates with qualified civil engineers who advise you on any problems that might arise and are able to deal with any issues concerning real estates located within Greek territory.
    4. Your legal representation by an advocate of our Office, throughout the process of preparing the relevant contract before the Notary of your choice, safeguards the complete protection of your interests.


    In case you desire to sell real estate, our Office provides all the necessary services, starting with the negotiations, to protect and safeguard your interests (tax payment considerations, guaranteed collection of selling price, etc.), and to undertake the signature of the contract and transcription of real estate.

    A copy of the title deed, certified by a Notary, shall be provided to the prospective buyer. The real estate you intend to sell should be free of all encumbrances and claims in order for the process to run smoothly. Moreover, a certificate of real estate transcription from the competent Land Registry shall be submitted. In case of any pending issues, and upon request, our Office takes, all necessary steps to clear all encumbrances and remedy any existing defects. If you intend to sell a lot of land containing a dwelling house, the floor plan and the planning permission are required by law for the sale. Our Office cooperates with qualified civil engineers throughout Greece able to deal with any pending issues and problems related to urban planning.

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