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In Greece, buying or selling property, or even holding a real estate, are over-regulated, which could easily lead the prospective interested party, buyer, seller or investor, to confusion, especially in conjunction with the indisputable negative impact of bureaucracy in this particular field.

Our Office undertakes researching and verifying title-deeds in the Land Registries and Cadastral Offices in Greece, so as to determine the legal status of real estates and discover any existing legal defects (incorrect registrations, mortgages, claims, foreclosures etc. …). Subsequently, we take all necessary steps in order to repeal the encumbrances and correct these defects.

Thus, in cooperation with a specialised team of civil engineers, notaries and tax consultants, our Office provides full legal consultation and effective representation during the whole process, up until the Contract Signing stage with regard to the real estate you wish to either buy or sell. Our fee policy is always tailored to each individual client and our primary goal is one and only: your full satisfaction regarding the provided Legal Services.

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