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Our Office has more than 30 years of experience in criminal cases, specialising in crimes committed by negligence, as well as crimes tried in line with flagrant crimes procedure, namely those committed recently, the offenders been caught in the act before the expiry of a 24-hour period since the commission of the crime (more precisely, until 12 o’clock at night of the next day after the commission, i.e. the time frame within which flagrante delicto proceedings can be initiated is 47 hours and 59 minutes).

The case shall be directly brought before the Single- or Three- Member Misdemeanours Court for in flagrante delicto cases. When the offender is brought before the court, he/she is entitled to apply for a 3-day adjournment of the hearing for the preparation of his/her defense. Until then, the offender is released, provided that he/she has an established address of domicile. Flagrant crime cases also include crimes committed through the press (e.g. slanderous publications, or defamatory statements in the media, blogs, etc.), while those committed by juvenile perpetrators shall not be tried under the flagrant crimes procedure.

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