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Expertise in Greek, European and International Law

For over twenty-five (25) years our Law Office has an active presence in the district of the Courts in Athens, specializing in consulting advocacy and practice law. We offer quality legal services in several languages (mainly Greek, Italian, French and English) to individuals and companies, and over the years we have established a stable domestic and international clientele. We combine expertise in Greek, Italian and European Law, with a domestic and international network of professional partners.

Our office has been operating since January 2019 as a Mediation Center for an out-of-court settlement of civil and commercial disputes involving individuals, groups or companies, located in Greece or abroad (cross-border disputes).

Laura Convertini, founding member of our Law Office, was born and raised in the French speaking part of Switzerland. She graduated from the Faculty of Law, at the University of Bari in Italy, obtaining the degree in Italian Law with distinction, and, subsequently, from the Faculty of Law at the University of Athens, in Greece, obtaining the respective degree in Greek Law. She is an appointed Lawyer at the Court of Cassation and at the Council of State of Greece and she has been practicing law successfully for over twenty-five (25) years in Greece, specializing mainly in civil and commercial law, she has been practicing law successfully for over twenty-five (25) years in Greece, specializing mainly in civil and commercial law, business law, compensation law, international hereditary law, real estate law, immigration law, tax and labour law, family law, etc. After her accreditation as a mediator by the Ministry of Justice of Greece, since 2019 she has been listed in the public register of Mediators of the Ministry of Justice.

She is a long-standing member of the local Italian, Swiss and French communities in Greece. She is also listed as a reference lawyer by the Embassies of Switzerland, France and Italy for nationals who may require legal advice and assistance in Greece, and since 2010 she has been designed as the trusted lawyer and Legal Advisor of the Embassy of Italy in Greece.

One of our Office’s main specializations lies in damages law. More specifically, we render specialized legal services to injured parties or the families of the victims involved in accidents, both in Greece and abroad, that result in injury, inability to work, disability, loss of life, etc., such as road, sea, air and rail transport accidents, accidents due to building collapse (earthquake), accidents related to or caused by the performance of work, medical malpractice, defective products, accidents occurred during holidays and leisure-time, or injuries caused by civil wrongdoings, etc.

We provide clients with comprehensive legal protection, offering immediate expert advice, and taking any necessary legal action in civil, commercial and criminal law cases, representing both Greek and foreign nationals, individuals and companies.

Our Law Office exhibits intensive activity in the international legal scene. It is a member of the AEA International Lawyers Network and the International Justinian Lawyers Networks and participates in the Observatory of the Civil Justice of the Court of Appeal of Milan in Italy. Our lawyers actively participate in international professional teams and networks, and in conferences held in Greece, Europe and elsewhere, by giving speeches and presentations, and, thus, always remain in touch with all latest developments regarding our main areas of activity at both a national and an international level.

The highly developed professional skillset of our associates guarantees the quality of all provided legal services. This, combined with our energetic staff, their multilingual proficiency, and the close monitoring of all international developments relevant to European integration, serve as a token of the efficiency and promptness with which we handle all assigned cases.