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Given our multi-year experience, we are able to handle a wide range of legal cases in all Legal Fields, and particularly in Family Law.

Indicatively, we refer to the following fields:

Betrothals (engagements), Weddings (matrimonial – family disputes), Relationships between spouses during marriage (cohabitation, matrimonial domicile, asset autonomy, participation in acquisitions (increase in value) claims), Divorces (by consensus or through opposition-litigation), Maintenance obligations (spousal alimony, child support), Relations between parents and children (parental responsibility, child care, parental communication with children), Cohabitation Agreement, Adoptions (juvenile and adult), Guardianship of a minor, Judicial guardianship, Judicial custody, Negotiorum gestio, Challenge and Recognition of paternity.

Our Office also specialises in cases of Family Law having international law parameters, where, for instance, one of the parties (spouse or child) is a foreign national, is domiciled or resides abroad, owns assets abroad, or is of unknown residence, etc. …

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